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Welcome to Illinois Computes

Apologies that this is a mostly legacy site, but you may still find some useful things here, including at least the one relatively recent news item to help you find pre-college summer computing programs.

Click here to notify the owner of an flash drive you have found.(These drives were given out at high school visits and bear a unique identifying number.)

Broadening Participation in Computing

Illinois Computes is dedicated to broadening participation in computing, helping to fill an important national need. This need is especially pressing in the Chicago area.

Here are some ways you can participate:

  • Email signup for occasional emails about scholarship opportunities, contests, computing news, etc. (Also Facebook/Twitter.)
  • Request visits to your school by sending email to to help students and/or parents learn more about computing opportunities or help them develop computing skills. These can be one-time visits by University faculty or students or extended relationships with students engaging in a service project/course. Some of the possibilities include:
    • Presentations (at one or more classes, career fairs, or other events) to inform students and/or parents about computing opportunities using some of these materials.
    • Coaching/mentoring of students in contests (for example, FIRST robotics, American Computer Science League, USA Computing Olympiad, etc.)
    • Tutoring/enrichment in computing or related subjects. (This could include topics like using computer programming environments with drag-and-drop icons where the peak age of the user community can be as young as the early teens and with some users as young as age 5.)
  • Explore this web site to learn more about computing opportunities.
  • Volunteer to visit the high school you graduated from (or just provide information for appropriate contacts).
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