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Please help us reach high school students by telling us about people you know at Chicagoland high schools who might help facilitate a visit by Illinois Computes representatives.
  • We are looking for people you know personally who might respond favorably if we mention that you referred us.
  • At most schools, we expect to make classroom visits during regular school hours; opportunities to speak to a student assembly or after-school activity for parents and/or students are also welcome.
  • Visits might be facilitated by:
    • Classroom teachers. These could be teachers for computing classes or anything else. We don't want to talk only to students who have already recognized that they have an interest in computing. Our presentations may serve as a useful tool to recruit students to register for computing classes in the future. Math classes tend to be particularly fertile ground for delivering our presentations, but any kind of class is fine.
    • Career counselors. Such personnel often arrange career fairs or would help to put us in contact with appropriate classroom teachers.
    • Administrators. An interested principal or assistant principal may be eager to arrange a student assembly or put us in contact with appropriate classroom teachers.
    • Other staff or students may be an appropriate link in the chain of making a personal connection.

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