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Comp. Forensics

Some links re computer forensics.

1. "Internet forensics" key to Va. Tech probe.

2. "WHAT DO THE TRIALS OF Scott Peterson, the BTK serial killer, Enron, and Merck's Vioxx have in common? All have hinged, or will hinge, to some degree, on digital evidence--e-mails, documents, web pages, pictures--procured from an individual's laptop or off a corporate network. The process of culling and preserving digital evidence for use in court is called digital forensics, and while it represents just a sliver of the $6.4 billion computer-security software market, this once-obscure field is taking off." See full article here.

3. Look at website of a digital forensics company in downtown Chicago. Scott Jones, the founder recently made a presentation at Loyola. Their company is one of many needing interns.

4. Flyer on Computer Crime and Forensics minor at Loyola. University

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