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Myths & Facts re Computer Scientists

Myth: Men only.
Fact: Women have been among the famous pioneers of computing and continue to make important contributions. One such pioneer is Grace Hopper who developed the first compiler for a computer programming language.

Myth: Geeks who want to sit in a corner and code.
Fact: People skills and communications skills are highly valued. Also valued is knowledge about application domains (for example, biology!, business, graphic arts, criminal justice, ...)

Myth: People with no other life.
Fact: Computer scientists have many diverse interests just like other people. In particular, the potential to incorporate teleworking into a computing career can help one combine career and family.

Myth: Can't get jobs because they are going overseas (offshoring)
Fact: Computing-related professions dominate the list of fastest-growing, highest-paying occupations in the United States.

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