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At present, primary focus is on information for high school teachers or university teachers reaching out to high schools, but useful resources for students of different ages may also be found here.

Illinois Computes is conducting an active program of visits to high schools to make students more aware of the strong and exciting career opportunities available in computing.

The main thrusts are to

  • break stereotypes about what kind of people pursue computing careers
  • inform students about the wide variety of interesting computing applications and career opportunities
  • inform students about the strong employment opportunities for computing professionals
  • provide pathways for students to pursue computing careers
To schedule a visit, please contact us at (See testimonials.) You should also feel free to borrow materials we use in our presentations; see also these notes on making presentations.

Please encourage your students to explore this site, especially under the resources for high school students. In particular, note that college scholarships are available specifically for students pursuing computing-related studies.

Teachers are also encouraged to participate in the Chicago Chapter of the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA). A good start is to sign up with the CSTA Chicago chapter.

Over time, links to more resources may be added here, but involvement with the Chicago Chapter of the CSTA as mentioned above is a particularly recommended way to share teaching experiences with your peers.

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