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Teacher Testimonials about High School Presentations

A few comments from high school teachers about presentations by Dr. Greenberg and student assistants

  • The robotic snake, Big Dog, the robotic woman, and the blind guy who "sees" with his tongue generated a lot of response. I really appreciated the concept behind the "who is NOT a computer scientist" game in that it clearly demonstrated the diversity of people who are engaged in the field.
  • Really good - You had activities to engage your audience; you created interest by using 'real world' examples; you added humor to keep their interest.
  • The content was great!
  • I was very impressed by the knowledge of the assistant. He had great interaction with the students and answered all of their questions. I look forward to having you present next year if possible.
  • The content was very good. Some of the topics were even great for first year college students.
  • ... did a good job of sharing the information with the students. Grabbed their interest with the "magic trick!" I liked the problem solving scenarios.
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